The solution

Our customers have the know-how in the form of personnel requirements, price tables and airline contracts. We provide the tool to deposit this knowledge in a system that quantifies the individual components in combination with the flight schedules and summarises (costs/profits) respectively evaluates the concurrence of resource operations (personnel/ equipment/installations).

Our algorithms are automated methods for airport planning and not adopted theories from other areas, which have nothing to do with airports.

Thus, rapid and practical results are possible, as our customers regularly confirm. You want to calculate and evaluate customer (airline) scenarios without all the effort of setting up parameters? Due to the user friendly selection of airline filters, by using Airport-Manager, you can create such scenarios in any number almost within minutes. This programme function, together with the flight schedules, even of other airports, is currently one of the most frequently used functions.

  • Generating of seasonal flight schedules
  • Import and export of seasonal flight schedules
  • Import and export of daily flight schedules
  • Management of seasonal and daily flight schedules
  • Aircraft positioning
  • Flight linking
  • Definition of main and sub resources
  • Classification according to common operation behaviours
  • Key and parameter setting according to arrival/departure time in order to group flights of the same kind
  • Calibration of parameter deviations
  • Application of parameters to each flight schedule record
  • Adjustment of ground time dependent parameters for short ground times
  • Decision between ground time handling and seperated unloading and loading
  • Optimization of man minute resources (e.g. cleaners)
  • Optimization of handling operations for long ground times
  • Graphical display of flights and corresponding resource operations
  • Capability of editing resource operations in graphic or text mode
  • Filtering function for fast scenario calculation
  • Evaluation of concurrent resource operations for each minute
  • Stacked graphic for different resources
  • Function to eliminate short term peaks
  • Peak value analysis showing every single handling operation at a time
  • Shift definition
  • Shift model definition
  • Generating of optimum shift models (shift strengths, start and end times)
  • Utilization, overlapping, underlapping etc. as figures and as graphics
  • Comparison with other runs
  • Export of shift planning results

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