The task

Complex routines look like chaos.

This sentence is a very accurate description of the situation to be found at airports. The flight schedule defines a certain routine, providing a basis for almost all the procedures at the airport: - however, the multitude of participating units (resources), the multitude of processes involved (flights) and the infinitely possible number of combinations of the various market participants (ground services operators) all combine to upset this routine, thus restoring chaos.

This applies to all those people, who are not in possession of the appropriate tools for the study and evaluation of data.
Der Szenariogenerator
We turn data into information.

This is the starting point for Airport-Manager. We exploit the flight schedule as a central source of information for resource requirement, shift planning and to plan and control profits and costs. Our customers' goal is to ensure competitive market pricing by efficient and requirement oriented resource planning.
Wir machen aus Datenbeständen Informationen

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