Drück & Pfeiffer

I would like to provide you, the prospective customer, with some background information on the early days of Airport-Manager and the people, who have worked on this project so far.

Airport-Manager was created from my ideas, i.e. the ideas of a former resource requirements planner at the Frankfurt/Main airport. These ideas consisted of basic solutions and a system structure; they were based on the conviction that airport operators need such a system, on knowing that the system could be expanded as required and on knowing the kind of information needed from the system. At the very beginning, Mr. Drück was solely responsible for converting these ideas into a working concept and finally for the system development.

There were and are not many people in German-speaking countries, who are familiar with resource requirements at airports: those who do, are highly specialised. The planning requirements are increasing continually, as the market continues to grow and change.

The market for our product was quite limited, as we first of all concentrated on those airports, where German was spoken. We have also occasionally heard the opinion expressed, that a market for a standard solution does not exist, as the requirements and the procedures vary from airport to airport.

The statement was justified, but only described the necessity of being able to set up individual airport-specific parameters on the system under development, whereas the system functions are kept on general terms. For instance, the quantity factor may differ in size and characteristic from airport to airport, and the resource job parameters will also vary, but the way the parameters, the flight plan and the linkage is saved, as well as the evaluation of the results will be the same at all airports.

The information given above outlines Drück & Pfeiffer's business concept. We offer specialists at airports trade software with which they can quantify their expert knowledge directly via the flight plan and subsequently make crucial statements regarding the future development of the requirements and costs. We take some of the burden off the airports by developing such a system, based on our own knowledge of the trade. 

   Whoever selected our product, avoided having to prepare concepts and specifications, as the complete scope of the finished product could be compared with his requirements. 

The users of our system continually submitted more detailed system requirements, not only regarding the pure flight plan evaluation but also in such areas as flight schedule processing, setting up a seasonal flight schedule, shift planning and dispatching.

Our customers are aware that this has become a permanent project. Specialists have been assigned with a development project, which staff at the airport do not have time to do. In the meantime, we spend approximately 90% of our (increased) resources, just for the system expansion.

Today we offer a large assortment in german and english language from the flight schedule processing over resource and shift planning up to realtime dispatching. All modules are developed by ourselves. During development we turned our special attention to a smooth information flow between all modules. Our customers shall use the potential synergies of planning, contract management, activity recording and dispatching in its entirety.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking our customers for their confidence. At the same time, we promise that we will continue to give Airport-Manager the support and attention "our only child" deserves!

It only remains for me to wish all prospective customers good luck when choosing your prospective partner. Should you decide in our favour, when you purchase Airport-Manager, you receive
  • a fully developed system reflecting 30 years' experience of operation and development,
  • at any time the latest current version
  • and options for the future.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thomas Pfeiffer.

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