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Billund Handling is situated in Jutland and is the second largest airport in Denmark. About five years ago we were looking for a solution to optimize the planning of our staff and equipment resources. Until that time our planning consisted of pen and paper and comparing figures from season to season.

We got into contact with Drück & Pfeiffer, the vendor of Airport-Manger. After a visit in Frankfurt where we saw a life presentation, and afterwards a meeting back in Billund we agreed to implement the Airport-Manger system in Billund handling for our planning. We were convinced by the skills and possibility of the system and the experience of Thomas and Markus, the founders of Airport-Manager.

A small group was selected to do a training session in Billund Airport with Mr. Thomas Pfeiffer. Here we learned the basic tools and how to use them on a day to day basis. During the whole process of implementing the Airport-Manager system Thomas and Markus have been very helpful. The system covers a very large pallet of possibilities to allocate your resources accordingly to a flight schedule, and either AC/ type, Airline or flight handling method.

The support is brilliant, it is easy and fast to get qualified help, by phone or via mail, both for questions related to the use of the system or specific question of how to plan for a specific resource. The staff at Airport-Manager have a good experience and are good listening to specific issues and give qualified solutions. Airport-Manager is constantly developing to meet the expectations of the customers.

Jens Henrik Bager
Billund Lufthavn A/S
Training Manager

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