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We have been using Airport-Manager for flight plan evaluation and resource requirement planning since March 1995. During this time, we have been able to gain a detailed and positive impression of the competence of Drück & Pfeiffer. The very first version of Airport-Manager solved many problems, since it was practice-orientated. The various functions have been improved and expanded in subsequent versions.

The implementation of user suggestions is an integral part of the contract, which we believe is of great advantage to both parties.

The current Version contains the common knowledge gained during this time, combined with many new functions, a new, easy-to-use user interface and the capability of multi-user operation.

The excellent service provided by Drück & Pfeiffer, in particular the rapid response to problems, deserves to be mentioned. Mr. Pfeiffer is the ideal contact person for the user, as he understands the problems of an airport, especially those concerning flight plan processing and is in a position to suggest pragmatic solutions.

We intend to continue working with Airport-Manager and Drück & Pfeiffer within the "Fraport system landscape". This co-operation has been extended to cover other projects and due to the good results obtained so far, it is safe to assume that other projects will follow.

Peter Schmitt
Ground Handling Services

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