Our market position

We have been offering our product in the market of airport IT management systems since 1993.
Currently the following customers use Airport-Manager:

  • Flughafen Hamburg GmbH (HAM)
  • CATS Cleaning and Aircraft Technical Services GmbH & Co. KG (HAM)
  • Groundstars GmbH & Co. KG (HAM)
  • Fraport AG (FRA)
  • Salzburger Flughafen GmbH (SZG)
  • Portground Abfertigungsgesellschaft mbH (LEJ, DRS)
  • Portway, handling de portugal s.a. (LIS, FAO, OPO)
  • Acciona Airport Services (MAD, PMI, FRA)
  • Billund Lufthavn A/S (BLL)
  • Flughafen Graz Betriebs GmbH (GRZ)
  • Dornier Consulting GmbH
  • University of Applied Sciences Wildau
  • Hannover Aviation Ground Services GmbH (HAJ)
  • Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen GmbH (HAJ)
  • Northern Capital Gateway LLC (LED)
  • Wieprecht Gebäude-Management und Reinigungs-Service GmbH & Co. KG (MUC)
  • Flughafen Linz GesmbH (LNZ)
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